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We speak 500+ languages!
We support 245 types of memory files!
We store your files for exactly 100 years in the AMAZON S3 + private servers!

We invented and were the first in the world to use the business model SSS | G2G (micropayment financing from generation to generation) and REPLONE TECHNOLOGIES (technology for collecting, stabilizing and storing the complete human genome in natural keratin fibers for a scientifically proven period of 50,000 years!)

RAM is a rewritable (erasable) everyday memory - a small part of the great eternal memory of people MEM on their personal (non-erasable and non-removable) pages in the BOOK OF HUMANITY created to preserve the genomic data of people!
* Your PRIVATE & PUBLIC temporary files as the digital Random-Access Memory (RAM) of Your Life with the guaranteed memory retention for one hundred years!

     Our counters!

Creativity is the creation of something that is often not understood by contemporaries. Now everything will change. If you have created something, but are not sure if it is something worth while - then we save it (as a file) in RAM (in Life's RAM = LifesRAM.com : trendy - modern - comfortable - but only for a hundred years) and decide all our lives - is it worth something or is it worth nothing? Access is open or closed. And we can remove it at any time! But! If we have created something (drawing, text, poem, photo, idea, project, music) and we believe that this work is worthwhile, that it has talent (even if it is not obvious to people around us) - then we immediately save this artwork|s in the eternal memory of Humanity (in Life's MEM = LifesMEM.com : out of time and fashion - because forever) and thus create our own priority for this work ... because no one will ever be able to delete this your personal creative from the network that will stay with humanity until the last day of its existence in the universe, and maybe longer.

Don't forget to save the accompanying files to prove your authorship of the idea. And choose the status of the file - public or secret for 1 - 5 - 10 - 50 or 100 years. The secret file will become the property of mankind only after the expiration of the secrecy period you have appointed.

LifesRAM.com = 100 years RAM (Random-access memory) of the Book of Humanity
LifesMEM.com = ETERNAL MEM (My Eternal Memory) of the Book of Humanity

* all these domains lead to the HUMANITY BOOK Portal: bestofmylifes.com (for Many-timers!) - lifesenterprise.com - beblessedlife.com - bestfromlife.com - bestfrommylife.com - formulaof.life - lifeoflives.com - safeofmy.life + 33 | enough to remember any one ! f.e. safeof.life - SAFEof.LIFE

Store and manage all your everyday files!

We set up your Life's RAM initially - as Private!

On the other hand, there are hundreds of files that we save in our main memory of life only so that they can be used by other people, teachers, employers, family members, acquaintances or friends, sometimes, just strangers, when it comes to our most beautiful and successful photo or video files. After numerous focus groups, we made a tough decision that ALL FILES IN YOUR ACCOUNT AT THE MOMENT OF ITS CREATION ARE SET UP AS PRIVATE.

Tip - open two accounts. The first one - leave fundamentally PRIVATE, And in the second, use the following instruction: Changes in the account settings its Private status to Public. But even in this case, you can create a Folder and configure it as PRIVATE. In an account with a global setting, as ALL FILES PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE, any uploaded files will initially be visible to everyone, but by placing the file in this PRIVATE folder, the file will become invisible to anyone but you! Join us! Start exploring the multiple platforms of the world's first portal for humanity - HUMANITYBOOK.COM® We arose not for profit, but for the beginning of the complete preservation of people - the main value of the solar system, and, possibly, that part of the Universe that is available to us!


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Only if You Need! You can Share your files with everyone!

We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily share your files. Use our pre-generated html code to link from your website or post directly to any Humanity's nets except social networks.

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Fast and instant downloading!

Our premium members benefit from no waiting time and direct downloads for all of their files. Safely store and backup all your essential files.

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Safe and Secure

From family photos & videos to realy important documents : SSS|G2G HUMANITYBOOK.COM® - the world's first endless portal of united humanity.

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... which received this WWW addresses - the full RAM.HUMANITYBOOK.COM and the shorts LIFESRAM.COM & RAMHB.COM, we made the following decision: from now on, everyone will have the right to load into RAM anytime, anywhere and for everyone - DURING EVERY ONE DAY - only one file up to 10MB in size with any extension (now we support previews of 245 extensions) and download from the RAM of Humanity - no more than 10 files per day. This decision is final.

Join us! You will not regret it! And please always remember that in addition to the rewritable RAM of life, the analog-digital PORTAL "BOOK OF HUMANITY" also grants people the right to a non-rewritable (indelible) eternal recording of their information on the MEM.HUMANITYBOOK.COM (MY ETERNAL MEMORY) LifesMEM.com - MEMHB.COM platform - which for the first time in the world allows everyone to open their eternal page (a very-very expensive in the GOLDEN MILLION range - but only 12 USD for all pages in the GOLDEN BILLION range (5 USD in the GOLDEN BILLION PLUS range) in the Book of Humanity (in the price of which includes a free avatar and profile, saved forever + it is possible to save 98 more avatars and overwrite the Profile) and also, for the first time in the world, enables people to save their truly priceless files (up to 30MB) once a month for a micro-fee - FOREVER AND EVER AND WITHOUT RIGHT TO DELETE AFTER SAVING (those files that have no place in free public dumps, which will be destroyed as their users die). This world's first analog-digital Portal also asks all reasonable people to think about the possibility of preserving their complete analog genome at home and only at home, in the family. A great era of self-selection of people is coming! That will change the paradigms of disposable life forever! DON'T MISS THE TRUE IMPORTANCE! Join us!

We have created a unique new BUSINESS MODEL and named it SSS|G2G. Read the materials: in our "Library of the Sun" - library.humanitybook.com - or in the personal blogs of ideologists and founders of the portal- platforms, as well as authors of absolutely new practical philosophy and ideology that will replace universally and communism and capitalism, which they called SOZOISM | SOZONTISM - a continuation of their 25 years of work on SAVEISM ideas | ANTHROPOSAVEISM | HOMO SAPIENS RECREATUS | MANY-TIMES HUMAN LIFE | MANY-TIMES HUMANITY | RECIPROCATING LIFE | REPLONE | CODESHIPS | LIFEERUPTION-1996 | etc.

2011-01-28 - was registered humanitybook.com + over the years: humanitybook.club humanitybook.info humanitybook.net humanitybook.org humanitybook.page humanitybook.wiki thehumanitybook.com theunitedhumanitybook.com unitedhumanitybook.com theunitedhumanity.com theportalofhumanity.com thehumanityportal.com thebookofmankind.com thebookofhumanity.com portalofhumanity.com humanityreserve.org humanityreserve.com humanityolympus.com humanitymemory.com bookofmankind.com and f.e. 2012-04-04 was registered the system onemanshop.org | one-man-shop.org - a system of personal courier delivery around the world of a special collectors, cartridges, and sarcophagi with scientifically proven by an international group of scientists (2007) shelf life of natural samples of complete genomes in 200 and 50,000 years old! The whole - 200+ domains for the New brands.. f.e. as CRYOHOME.COM CRYO.LIFE NANONORMS.COM CRYONANOBANK.COM The Portal are not bragging, but and are not in a hurry, The General DNA, Inc., 2010, and the Replone, Inc., SF, CA, 2015, are knows that everything has its time - it just so happened that this people were 150 years ahead of all Humanity! This sometimes happens with thinking people. Join us! Or disappear forever! {joinordisappear} - blogs.humanitybook.com

(the number of days is equal to the number of rights to save files: 7 days - 7 files and so on).


None of you will be surprised if we say out loud the well-known - all accounts on free platforms (google, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, etc.) will be fundamentally deleted after your death, that is, immediately after you stop watching ads. Join us! Or disappear!

With us, your account is eternal (preserved in generations DB). With us, you pay a micropayment only for uploading a file to the servers. So will pay your children and your children's children. Each new generation will pay for the eternal storage of your files as well! We invented this new business scheme [SSS|G2G] and we are the first in the world to offer it to reasonable people!

Having made a real breakthrough here too - refusing to spy on people in the interests of those who ordered surveillance. We've given up on ads!

Since our major discoveries in 2007-2013, we have launched a counter (dcounter) of people who have left the world without saving. At that time - when it was already available to everyone - that marked the beginning of a New Era - THE ERA OF SELF-SELECTION OF HUMANS.

That is the Main Question of the New Practical Philosophy named by I.J.Barbe(h): SOZOISM | SOZONTISM ~ from the ancient Greek "SOZO": to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction one.

(In any case, do not allow children to click on it!)

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