Good news. The META company, having agreed with us a certain number of changes in the description - allowed us to register the HUMANITYBOOK.COM brand - this characterizes this company as a progressive and democratically thinking possible partner of the portal. We (prior to the launch of the portal) will not remove the vote but remove all our guesses, which turned out to be erroneous! FACEBOOK (META) - does not give us the opportunity to register a trademark with which we have been working since 2011.

This is greed or shortsightedness. Most likely both. Help us choose a brand for the portal and its platforms. It is possible that, for example, HYMANITYMEMORY.COM is a much more accurate name for the purpose of long-term (conditionally eternal, like the Universe itself is conditionally eternal) preservation of the genomic information of people at home in a family (and only after a hundred years of home storage in special continental vaults that people have yet to build) and the digital files accompanying this information ?!